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HAPPY: 9 questions to cheerful yoga teacher Goedele Leyssen

Many women, sometimes a man, but all of them with strong charisma, a lot of ideas, an almost unstoppable enthousiasm, a great deal of character and a lovely, admirable world view. It's all inside the people who speak up in this series. In fact, it's the reason they get a stage to spread their inspiration.

Kundalini Yoga teacher Goedele Leyssen

This time we have a date with the lovely Goedele Leyssen, the lady who brought Kundalini Yoga in my life (and made me go to India). Her mission is to share her knowledge about being radiant (you have to meet her to fully understand, but take a look at the pictures and you already know what I mean) and full of energy with you all. She's fabulous in doing that.  

Et voila, a little piece of Goedele and her radiance is here for you ...   

What do you do? 

"I teach Kundalini Yoga classes and Yoga & Lifestyle seminars and retreats in Belgium and abroad about Prosperity, Energy, Destress, Detox,... I also give talks about how small changes in your food, lifestyle and breathing habits can have a major impact on your looks and on how you feel. I wrote a book about it, it's called 'Boost. The manual for Body and Mind' (Uitgeverij Manteau)." 

How did you start? 

"I started 12 years ago as a beauty editor for a glossy magazine. I wrote articles about lipsticks and perfumes, sunscreen and anti-cellulite creams...I traveled a lot and met many fascinating people."

"After a while I started to focus more on beauty from the inside. I focussed mainly on food and supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and meditation completed the picture."

What keeps you going? 

"The wish to share my own personal yoga/breathing/food/meditation tips and tricks with as many people as possible so they can - just like me - overcome all their challenges in the most graceful way. Therefore I write and I have plans to record yoga/meditation video's etc." 

Goedele and the cover of her book, "BOOST, The Manual for Body and Mind."

How do you charge your batteries?

"By going into nature and by eating fresh, juicy food."

"I also get my energy and creativity flowing by doing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, by running and walking in nature, by juicing fruit and vegetables, by cooking organic food with fresh herbs, by enjoying beauty in all its forms, by going to the sauna, by meeting up with inspiring people.

How do you conquer fear and doubts? 

"I am a perfectionist so there is always a lot of tension when I have to do something new and that happens often, as I stretch myself all the time."

"It helps when my boyfriend says I shouldn't forget I am still human." 

Yoga Mudra - een Kundalini Yoga exercise

What's one of your all time favourite items? 

"My Buddha statue. It's so beautiful. Only looking at it, makes me calm."

What and who are important in your life?

"Freedom, beauty, health, nature and my son, my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my cat."

What was the most precious advice ever given to you?

"Teach only what you know. You can never make mistakes when you teach from this perspective."

Complete this sentence: I believe ...

"... I DON'T believe in coincidence."

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