vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Miss La Fille d'O doet haar ding

j'fais du porno et j'aime ca... from la fille d'O on Vimeo.

La Fille d'O (extract uit mailing "nag nag nag (some people say little girls should be seen and not heard...))"

"handing out labels makes our life easy
i know
it's like tagging all your friends on facebook templates
this one is the lazy one * tag* and that one will be the clumsy cute one *tag*
from now on you will be able to tag me as the one that makes porn

yes indeed sir-ee
j'fais du porno et j'aime ca
in the wonderful world of erotic entertainement!
this should most def feed that machine called gossip aplenty
but that aint my main goal
i aim to cause conversation
porn is almost as common as MJ's moonwalks
that can be the least of your worries
but i want you to reflect about it if possible
what are your thoughts about anal sex
what were those thoughts 10 years ago

what are your thoughts about masturbation
about one night stands
about breaking up by text message
about having sex in public
what do you think about having sex with a girl, woman?
about oral sex
do you actually like to give head?
do you think about swallowing?
and what did you think about all that 10 years ago?

i can dream can i?
then lie down in the grass with me and see if you can create this thought in your head too
i would love to reclaim our sexuality
because it's the engine that keeps our train running
whether it's on or off the tracks
i want you to decide for yourself
what you like
if that means kissing for hours on end
then please
keep going, baby

if you dont care about people having simultaneous orgasms
or if you dont ever have an orgasm and that dont really bother you
let it slide

throw away that darn vibrator if it's collecting more dust than do's

throw away every single must do from your bedroom
it's time to re-introduce the can's and maybe's
sex is all about the possibilty
dont let the culture of must do devour the spontaneity of maybe
when it comes to sex
do admit when not knowing
it's far more liberating than pretending experience
that's not really yours"

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