maandag 2 juni 2008

Shimmy on with Aziza!

No way of sleeping longer this Sunday morning: I was expected for a shimmy workshop by the shimmy queen herself, Aziza from Canada!

With sleep still running through my veins and growing stress for my oral Italian exam, I drove to Molenbeek, Brussels. But the closer I got, the heavier my urge to dance became!

Aziza's contagiuos enthousiasm and smile even makes you shimmy like that - knip. And so we did, for 20 minutes non stop! I expected to be heavier then it was. Instead I felt the energy flowing, my blood pomping and the dancer's high (who speaks of a runner's high?!)!

Working out, shimmying, dancing and cooling down, all with lovely, gracefull amazement about our own body. It's really nice to feel it that way. It's a pitty that we only had two hours to spend with Aziza. She can learn me alot! I'm looking forward to meeting her again!

Video of a really funny - but difficult - exercice we did during the workshops of Aziza and Sharon Kihara: check out Femke's blog!

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