zondag 22 juni 2008

Partying all night long

27, working rhythm, enjoying a lot of very nice and fun evenings, but not much of dancing all night long. Last Friday I got one offered: to get back on the party track. Not a difficult job for me.

All cleaned up, some really nice make-up on my eyes and cheeks (thank you Natasha!) and in a simple easygoing outfit I drove to the Raadsherenpark. I wished my friend Nick a very happy birthday, which took place in January, and chatted a bit to get me in the mood. It was really nice to see some old friends again: Warre, Nick, Triin, Wim & Isabelle, Pieter & Griet, Joris, etc.

Soon I had enough of the chatting - I like chatting in a pub, at home, etc not on the dancefloor - so I made my body move. And that's what I did all night long, apart from drinking mineral water (that's when you drive a car). The dancefloor was mine! I should do this more often. It's way too much fun.

A bit surreal was the part where people where dancing in the red disco light on some pumping beats, while the ambulance provided the blue lights. Two guys isolated themselves and swollowed a bit too much. Horror, creepy. Why do they need to do that? If they want to do it, why can't they do it home instead of ruining a nice party of people who have nothing to do with that kind of rubbish! I hope it turned out fine and that they learned their lesson.

So still dancing and drinking mineral water. I was drunk and high from my bodymoving and the fatigue who was urging to take over... Morning light pushed the evening away. didn't wanna go home... In the end I did.

Pictures coming when Nick and Triin are back from their holidays in Estonia. I think there are some fine pics!

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