zaterdag 7 juni 2008

Dancing kings and queens

I know how to throw a party and be alive & moving on the dance floor. But put my bosses, my colleagues and a clock at 4.30 PM in my area and this party animal is really quiet, insecure and prefers the talking, laughing and drinking rather than the dancing.

But yesterday there was something in the air. I think I'm going to blame the bacterium that's in the air around Brussels. They use it to make that special Geuze/Lambik/Kriek beer! So it was defintely in the air yesterday and it made people act a bit weird (or what do you think of people comparing colleagues to sunray in the summer???)!

I enjoyed dinner, I enjoyed the view (inside and outside), I enjoyed the wine, I didn't enjoy the Geuze, I enjoyed my company and I enjoyed the dancing a lot! I even danced a "slow" or two and enjoyed it. Something that wasn't like me a couple of years ago.

Those moments I find it always a shame that the clock is ticking the minutes away.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. jij geniet wel écht van dansen hé

  2. Absoluut! Dan kan ik echt alles vergeten en lekker voluit gaan!

  3. met en glazeke prosecco ook hoor schattie:)

  4. ja, ook natuurlijk! De twee gecombineerd is natuurlijk nog beter!

  5. dan wordt dat dansen wel wat minder maar allee:)

  6. Bwah, dat is pas na meerdere glaasjes! En dan is het gewoon zo hilarisch dat het toch nog leuk blijft!


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