zondag 25 mei 2008

Tribal Fusion with Sharon Kihara

I need to adjust my idea about Tribal Fusion bellydance. No associations with the Scotisch Highlands, ritual war dances etc. anymore. Bellydance Superstar and Indigo Bellydancer Sharon Kihara took me by hand and led me, on a beautiful Sunday morning, with great enthousiasm into her world.

That world appeared to be one of untameable pliability -something that, to my frsutration, I don't have; one of persistent endurance - something that might be favourable; one of gracefull elegancy - something that pops up once in a while, obviously not when this picture was taken; one of perfect muscle control. Shortly, a very fascinating, challanging world of which I never tought I would like it that much!

Sharon is a wonderfull, enthousiastic, pleasant, funny and inspirational person and dancer (who has some really nice tattoos). I enjoyed watching her move and move me. I hope to see her perform one day, as yesterday's show was cancelled due to hooligan riots in Anderlecht.

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  1. Great pics of the belly-dancers Ruth - I like it. I did some belly-dancing many years years ago, the first time I went to Turkey, with a wonderful belly dancer in a nightclub. She stripped me down to my underpants (fortunately I was wearing Calvin Kleins, even in 1992). It was one of the most erotic moments of my life..!


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