vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

These shoes are made for walking

... and made for me!

Some explanations from La Fille d'O:

there's shoes.
and then there is la fille d'O shoes.
most shoes are just things you shove under your feet to protect em. or fancy things that hurt so bad your feet will probably take first chance they get to abandon you.
or boring stuff from big brands who dont care for nuttin but the dollar bills, therefore creating empty products. soul = sold.

my collection is all heart. shoes go wherever you go. and they should be totally up for it. these shoes have it all. just be glad, be very glad they cant talk.
it's your secret where you've been and will be.

here is a preview of the collection offered online.
THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE YET! but will be come august. breathe in/ breathe out*
prices will be confirmed then too.
what i can confirm now is that every pair of la fille d'O shoes will have the soles printed with roses with thorns and cupids arrows.
and that they will come in a box that doubles as a shrine for your new treasures.
a box that represents all the things that were in my head when i made these shoes.
in the box you'll also be able to find a little bag with our saint 'O.
keeper of all girls wearing high heels till the grave.
and if all goes well you'll even get a bandana with a maze that shows you the way to the heart.

let your heart d'O the walking.
the view is great along that road.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ma nee, mam! :-) Niet hoger dan wat ik al heb, denk ik. hoop ik. :-)

  2. Prachtige schoenen zijn het.

    Je hebt een goeie smaak ;-)


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