woensdag 13 augustus 2014

Great Lentil Salad with onions, tomatoes, lemon & parsley

I'm writing this post in English, since the man I owe this recipe to is totally very very British. His name is Alan and he's one of the best friends of my dad. They've met about a "century" ago while travelling in Egypt. My dad accompanied by a bunch of his girlfriends - a Don Juan, he is! - and Alan travelling on his own. They started chatting during a train ride. In real life: I'm talking a century ago, no sign of Messenger or Facebook back then. My dad's mood changed from feeling proud, popular and sexy (the girls!), into feeling eaten by jealousy, since the charming British man wound them all around his finger. 

Apparently, such thing is the perfect base for a longtime friendship.
One night, visiting Alan in London with a friend, he made one of the most perfect dinners I've ever had. The simple, fresh, delicious food definitely had his part in this. But it was Alan's ever charming character, the hospitality he offered, the lovely and profound conversations we had (and still have), the several candles all in different candleholders, the books, magazines and museum passes scattered around on the table, the fine music playing in the background ... Everything being okay and perfect just as it was. No hassle, no stress, just great vibes.

Also, Alan made me go wild and cooing on lentils. You've got to admit: quite an accomplishment. I hope you'll give this salad a try, even if you call lentils "witch food" like L'Amour. It's easy to prepare, lentils our very good for you (great source of proteins, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B etc) and the mix has a very fresh taste.  

Voor 3 à 4 personen
1 teacup lentils
2 à 3 tomatoes, cut in little cubes
1/2e cucumber, in little cubes
2 small onions (purple), chopped
parsley, chopped
olive oil
lemon juice
salt & pepper

 Boil the lentils, preferably in some stock, according to the indications on the packaging.

Mix all the onions, cucumber and tomatoes together in a nice bowl. Add the lentils and drizzle some olive oil and the lemon juice over the salad. 

Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the chopped parsley on top of it.

That's all, really.


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